Barcelona Jersey 2017-2018 Home Away and Third Kits

Barcelona Jersey

Barcelona Jersey

Barcelona New Jersey 2017-2018 Home and Away And Third Kits – It will the first time for Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce to join and be printed in Barcelona jersey 2018 after the deal that they will be the on the same sponsored like Nike. Of course, it is interesting to see how the jersey will look like. Is there any difference or something unique that people can expect from this first collaboration? Let’s check it out.

FC Barcelona New Jersey 2017/2018 Home Away and Third Leaked:

Something that we may not expect is the similar stripped old design of Barcelona jersey that will be printed again in their latest version. This can be a disappointed sound yet can also perform an outstanding look for next Barcelona jersey 2019. As we know, the stripped design has been likely become the unofficial identity for Barcelona. Thus, the sound of removing it seems unreal and kind of changing their character.

Barcelona Home Jersey

Barcelona Home Jersey

That is why the design for Barcelona jersey 2018 will still use the stripped design for their latest version. Just like the previous design, this year the style will be about the same. There is still stripped design in the front along with the Nike logo and Barcelona logo in both right and left position. The color will likely be the same with blue and red. However, the tone will be different as it comes with darker color of blue and red shade.

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Something the that is interesting about the logo that is arranged in the front is the Rakuten logo that comes with their old yet unique style. It makes this jersey looks even more classic and quite fantastic. We can mention about the stripped design that comes in a fading line which makes is rather better than before. The sleeve design for this jersey is completed with a logo in the left side. As an addition, we can’t forget to mention the collar that takes the round V line in the base.

For Away and Third Barcelona Jersey, please wait for until the official club release, the above jersey have not release from the official club.

We can cheer up as the news says that the official date for releasing this date will be likely the same just like the previous year. It means fans can set up the date and kindly wait in patience for the upcoming Barcelona jersey 2018 to appear in the store. Fans can buy the jersey along with another kit like the socks and the shoes which will have the similar color tone with the jersey.

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