Napoli Jersey 2017-2018 Home, Away And Third Kits In Leaked Detail

SSC Napoli Jersey

SSC Napoli Jersey

Napoli Jersey 2017/2018 Home, Away And Third Kits In Leaked Detail – This football club from Sicilia, Italia is one of the old great clubs in the history of Italian football competition. This football club is very close to change the Kappa as the major sponsor of the club into Umbro for the next season. The changing major sponsor also will change the detail concept for the Napoli jersey 2018. Here, after some researches, we will deliver the leaked version of the kits of Napoli. Let us see the detail of it below.

SSC Napoli Jersey 17/18 Home, Away And Third Kits:

Napoli Jersey Home Kit
For the home type of Napoli jersey, the bright blue still becomes the major color of it. Bright blue is a symbol of Sicilia and it becomes the icon of Napoli. The bright blue is combined with the white in several parts for the stunning look. In the front of the jersey detail, there is a new logo of Umbro in the right part with the big logo of Napoli in the left one. Then, for the big letter, it will show Lete, as the other sponsor of the club.

Napoli Jersey Away Kit (sky blue Sash)
How about the away kit for the newest jersey of Napoli? Well, in the whole concept, the away kit of Napoli has the same design with the home jersey. The main different is the color of it. When the home Napoli jersey 2017-2018 uses bright blue as the major color, the away kit uses the red-burgundy as the basic color. It has translucent boxes motif to make it more beautiful. Then, the jersey also applies the white application in some parts.

SSC Napoli Third Jersey

SSC Napoli Third Jersey Concept

Napoli Jersey Third Kit
The third Napoli jersey is unique with the use of unusual color. Yes, here based on some leaked information, we expect that the third jersey of Napoli will deliver a bold gray as the basic color. The unique color increases the traditional touches of it and I am sure it will be same with the Camo shirt. The jersey is nice with the golden and python skin graphic to make it excellent.

Well, the leaked detail of the newest jersey of Napoli could be the great preview when you are waiting for the releasing of the newest jersey. I am sure that the use of the new sponsor will make the jersey of Napoli looks greater than before. However, the Napoli jersey 2017/18 as above is still unofficial. There are possibilities when the management adds some new applications there.

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