Arjen Robben Wife Is Bernadien Eillert Biography

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Bernadien Eillert
Bernadien Eillert

Arjen Robben Wife Biography – Arjen Robben’s wife and family have a novel-like story. It’s about how Robben and his Wife met. The story was told by Robben’s youth career coach in Groningen. His name is Barend Beltman. Young Robben was very disciplined. He never came late to the training session. But in one day, he came 15 minutes late. It was not like usual to see Robben came late.

The coach asked Robben why he came late. Robben’s answer was honest, he was in the market square with a girl. They were having fun there. The coach asked again if she worth it or not. Robben answered that she worth it. That girl was Bernadien Eillert. Later, in Robben’s wedding in 2007, the coach found that the girl Robben ever told him was the bride.

Arjen Robben Wife and Family Profile:

Arjen Robben married Bernadien Eillert on June 9, 2007, in Groningen, the town where they met for the first time. Their first child, Luka Robben was born in 2008. Their second child is Lynn Robben, born in 2010. Their second son, Kai Robben was born in 2012.

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If I may say, Arjen Robben is different from other football players. Famous football players usually choose models or actress as their date/wife. Football players are of course rich, they can buy anything they want, with that, they can impress any girl including beautiful girls like models. Robben chooses Bernadien Eillert, the girl he met at the high school times. When they are still teenagers, of course, Bernadien was no one. Robben loves her, even after he became famous and earns thousands euro per week, he is still loyal and decided to marry Bernadien.

Arjen Robben’s Father, Hans, works with him. Not in the field, not as a coach, but as his agent. It is a wise decision to choose Father to work as the agent. Discussion about work and family can be easier.

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