David Beckham Hairstyle Tutorial

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David Beckham Hairstyle
David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham Hairstyle Tutorial 2018 – David Beckham might have left his football career, but somehow his name is not died down since he’s now still under the spotlight by his H&M bodywear campaign. Not only body wear, David Beckham who used to play for Manchester United and Real Madrid also got other business going on with him like his latest project with The Haig Club, a fine whiskey.

Since his appearance on the football field, David Beckham’s haircut has always been an attraction towards not only his fans and other football lovers, but the media as well. And recently, his slicked-back hair has been one style that is quite booming. This David Beckham haircut shows the evolutions of the undercut into a tougher style, where the short sides and smoother longer top are slightly roughed up.

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If you want to have that kind of slick hairstyle, take a look at David Beckham haircut tutorial 2014 below to make you as gorgeous and sexy as Posh’s wife.

David Beckham Haircut Tutorial:

1. The first step is to take a horseshoe section from the recession to the recession and then keep it curved around the back at the crown.

2. The second step, cut the sides and the back shorter by using scissor over comb technique or clippers. When you are using clippers, you can have a nice blend by starting off using larger size clippers then cut the whole side and back section, and after that change the clipper guard to number 1 before starting again around the hairline.

3. The third step is taking down the top section. For David Beckham’s look, some length at the top would be needed.

4. The last step would be taking horizontal sections and then elevating the hair up at 90 degrees then cut square and straight. If you still need another David Beckham haircut tutorial 2014, watching this link would be a great thing to do.

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