Eden Hazard Biography Wife, Jersey And Salary 2017-2018

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Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard Biography Wife, Jersey And Salary 2017-2018 – Everyone knows Eden Hazard as one of the great Chelsea’s players. He is a Belgian who have had many experiences and have been acknowledged by the world. There are a lot of story behind who he is today and now, we are going to talk about Eden Hazard biography in a neat and detailed way. His career in football starts from the bottom and, with his strife, he can become the man he is today.

Eden Hazard First Career
Eden Hazard career was started in the hometown club known as Royal Stade Brainois at the age of four. Eight years later, he joined Tubize club and in that club, he was noticed by Lille’s coach where his gate to the glory start. In Lille, he developed his skill for about two years and then he stayed in Lille for about 5 years till 2012. On June 2012, Eden has been transferred to Chelsea with a price of 32 million Euro.

His debut for Chelsea became more competitive when he played in 2012 FA Community Shield against Manchester City. After that, he started to show himself more by joining in Championship League debut against Juventus. In the following debuts, he becomes a core in making assists and goals and got more mature in his skill. He became a man of the match and giving many good assistants to his teammate during a game. His international career is also remarkable. He had played 17 games so far for Belgium until today in the record of Eden Hazard biography.

Eden Hazard Style of Play
Eden Hazard style of play had been marked as a genius player since childhood by many of his coaches. The main role which he often took was attacking midfielder and winger. That was why his contribution to the assist was something which should not be questioned. Eden Hazard specializes in his technical ability and pace which made him become a really fit person for making a nice breakthrough in the game. That was why Eden Hazard debut will never be far from being a midfielder.

There are many honors and awards which have been achieved by his talented skill. Here, I will mention some great achievements which have been achieved. First, he became the UEFA best player in Europe Award. Then, he got the FIFA Ballon d’Or too in 2015. In the premier league, he got the player of the month in October 2016 and goal of the month in February 2017. That is the story in Eden Hazard biography.

Eden Hazard Wife
Eden Hazard Wife

Eden Hazard Wife is Natacha Van Honacker
Hazard and Natacha are friends in high school after rest for a time in school they spent the time to live together. On 19 December 2010 Eden Hazard and Natacha Van Honacker have the first child with name Yannis Hazard. On February 2013 they have the second child, for the second child they give name Leo Hazard and on September 2015 they have a child again with name Samy Hazard.

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Eden Hazard Salary

For now, Eden Hazard is one of a football player with the highest salary in the world, with skill who good he can playing football very well. In Chelsea, he gets salary £200,000 every week and his contract with Chelsea until 2020.

Eden Hazard Jersey
We will update if Chelsea jersey release for 2017/2018 season, until now nothing notice if Chelsea formally releases their Jersey for this season.

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