Everton Jersey 2017-2018 Home Away Third And Goalkeeper Kits Released

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Everton Jersey
Everton Jersey

Everton Jersey 2017/2018 Home Away and Third Kits Released – Everton is one of the old football clubs in English. They have had many histories behind their club and one of those histories is their jersey. Everton jersey is really different compared to their today’s jerseys. There are three developing times where their jerseys show really distinctive features in their design. Now, we will talk about the different jersey which has happened with their jersey.

1878-1901 Everton Jersey
In this first period, a jersey from Everton had not made any characters. They had changed the colors of their jersey many times. First, they use the blue stripes and white color in the 1878 and then the color changes to black and red in 1881. In the next year of 1882, the color changes into white and pink and then return to blue again in 1886. The design of the jersey comes with collar sleeves. The color turns again into the red in 1890 and red in 1891 and in 1901, the color returns to blue color and white color in shorts.

1901-1972 Everton Jersey
In this period, Everton jersey has acquired its character by having the blue color for the jersey and white color for the shorts. Here, the different look comes from the logo where mainly, the logo is not placed in the Jersey. The jersey goes plain without logo but in some years like in 1912, 1920-1931, the old logo of Everton is placed on the left chest of the jersey. The changes only came in minor changes like the wrist part color, the linings, and neck collar.

1972-2017 Everton Jersey
Starting from 1972, Everton logo had become an important aspect in the jersey. The jersey had the logo all the time since that day till today. Some different design like stripes and patterns in the sleeves have been made but the main design still comes with blue colors for the jersey and white for the shorts. In 1979, Everton FC jersey started to put their sponsor in the jersey like today. There had been 6 changes of sponsor from Hafnia, NEC, Danka, one 2 one, kejian, and Chang which still remains till today. Now you can see Everton Jersey 2017-2018 season, follow this picture.

Everton Jersey 17/18 Home Away and Third Kits Released:

Everton Home Jersey
Everton Home Jersey 17/18
Everton Home Jersey 17-18
Everton Home Jersey 17-18
Everton Goalkeeper Jersey 17-18
Everton Goalkeeper Jersey 17-18

If you see, today’s Everton jersey comes with its own character with the yellow color which is given in the end of the sleeves and shorts. The main color is still same with blue colors and white colors. They have made a fine development of characters in the color for their jersey actually as they do not make many changes for a long time.

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