Top 10 Fastest Football Players In The World From Various Football Teams 2018

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Fastest Football Player
Fastest Football Player

Top 10 Fastest Football Player in the World – You must have known very well that speed is very important for playing football. The game requires the players to run pretty much the whole time during the play, after all, bringing the ball all the way to opponent’s side and making a goal. There are many players of different teams. So, have you ever wondered just who are the top 10 fastest footballers in the world? Let’s see here to find it out then.

Top 10 Fastest Footballer in the World 2017:

1. Gareth Bale
It wouldn’t be strange for the world’s fastest footballer to come from the world’s best football team, right? Coming in the first place, there is Gareth Bale from Wales. He belongs to Real Madrid and has its speed recorded to be 36.90 km/h.

2. Orlando Berrio
While he is not that much known as Bale, his speed surprisingly sits in the second place right after him. Having transferred from Atletico Nacional to Flamengo, his speed is recorded to be 36.00 km/h. It is pretty close to Gareth Bale’s, indeed.

3. Jurgen Damm
The third place is taken by this Mexican who is actually that of German origin. Playing for Tigres, his speed clocks in at 35.23km/h. It is quite close in the gap to Berrio if it is compared to the gap of Berrio to Bale. Damm sure is a promising player.

4. Antonio Valencia
Next, we have the famous Antonio Valencia from the most successful team in England, Manchester United. This Ecuadorean football player takes the fourth place of the quickest world footballer recorded with the speed of 35.10 km/h.

5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Coming after Valencia, we have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to take the fifth place. This Gabon man is currently playing for Borussia Dortmund. As one of the top 10 fastest footballers, his speed is marked to be 34.60 km/h. It is still fast one.

6. Aaron Valencia
The next 5 places from here are players with slower speed. However, they are faster to even have a close gap with the one before them. The famous Aaron Valencia who is currently playing for Everton has its speed recorded to be 33.80 km/h.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo
While there was a time when Ronaldo is considered to be the quickest football player, many others seem to have caught him up. Even so, his speed of 33.60 km/h is still considered noteworthy and qualifies for the top ten of the world.

8. Theo Walcott
The next place is filled by this English man. His speed gap to Ronaldo might be a bit far. However, it is not like he is a slow player either. Theo Walcott plays for Arsenal with a recorded speed of 32.70 km/h. This is decent enough as top 10.

9. Lionel Messi
Surely, you have heard this football player name before. He is that of Argentina origin and currently plays for the famous football team of Barcelona. His speed differs a bit from Walcott. It is said that he can reach 32.50 km/h with his run.

10. Wayne Rooney
The last of the top 10 fastest footballers has Wayne Rooney to fill the place. He is that of England origin and he is also one playing for Manchester United just like Antonio Valencia. The speed of his run clocks in at 31.20 km/h at best.

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