France Jersey 2018 Home Away and Third Kits For Russian World Cup Qualifier

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France Jersey
France Jersey World Cup Qualification

France Jersey 2018 Home Away and Third Kits  – Wanting to be different with strong appealing, France Jersey 2018 seems will choose a different color with black color for their new uniform. The black color still can be said as one of the pastels and basic color that performs strong appealing. However, something that you may need to note is the fact that not many teams will choose the whole black as the official color for the jersey team. So, what this jersey looks like?

France Soccer Jersey 2018 Home Away and Third Kits:

France Jersey
France Third Black Jersey
France Soccer Third Jersey
France Soccer Third Jersey

Futuristically Cool with Black France Jersey, following the France away kit that also uses the similar color, this time the jersey takes the black color as the main dominant color that is painted all over the clothes. This sounds so cool especially the fact that the arrangement of the logo is also clean and neat. The France logo looks stand out with bright blue color while Nike logo in which it becomes the sponsor as well as producer is arranged on the right side. There are not many logos that will disturb the total look of this jersey.The France jersey 2018 still offers

The France jersey 2018 still offers a different model for their other match. This time the combination of navy blue with light blue is used for the home jersey. The arrangement of the logo is still the same just like the black color. What makes it different is the classic line with a raglan model that appears in this jersey. The raglan model uses navy color while the front uses light blue color. Even so, this jersey is still masculine enough comparing to the black jersey.

The France Jersey Kits, when talking about England kit 2018, the blue color that is used is different compared to the France blue jersey color. The France jersey seems looks more dimmed with a darker tone. The home and away jersey of France are actively using darker color one to create more masculine and cooler feel. Then, how about the short pants? It seems that France goes totally with a dark color as the shorts will have the same color with the jersey.

It seems that the black jersey will be combined with black shorts as well while the blue home jersey will be matched with dimmed blue shorts. Then, the shoes for France Jersey 2018 will not be far from the style. Fans can expect the dark black for socks and the shoes with a light of bright color stamp on it. Overall, the style that you will captivate in France suit is black and masculine.

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