Gareth Bale Salary In Real Madrid

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Gareth Bale Salary
Gareth Bale Salary

Gareth Bale Salary In Real Madrid – What can Gareth Bale do with his salary? Gareth Bale salary is 300,000 euros per week. That’s like 72,000 euros plus in one day. What actually he can get with his salary? Less than a week, Gareth Bale will earn enough money to buy a private island. Some small islands cost less than 50,000 euros, he can buy multiple private islands if he wants. An iPhone six costs 999 euros. Bale can buy 72 iPhones in just one day.

In one week, Bale will have more than enough money to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia. The luxurious sports car costs only $233,509. Leopard tank costs US$ 5,74 million. Bale can buy that with his money in less than a half year.

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However, Gareth lives in a mansion that belongs to Kaka, a former Real Madrid Player. He pays Kaka 10,000 Euros per month for the rent. This may indicate that Bale will not be in Madrid for a long time. 10,000 Euros per month is not a big amount compared to 72,000 per day.

How can Gareth Bale earn a lot of money? Where did that money come from? Bale is featured in EA Sports’ FIFA video game series, and he has appeared on the British, Irish and Middle Eastern covers of FIFA 14, alongside global cover star Lionel Messi. His ‘heart’ goal celebration that he patented before is featured in FIFA 14.

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Gareth Bale has endorsed several companies in his career and has current deals with Adidas, EA Sports, Lucozade, and BT Sport. He receives a yearly salary of £15 million with Real Madrid, while his endorsements earn him an estimated £10 million per year. In March 2014, Bale was the first player to wear the Adidas F50 Crazy light football boots. We were talking about a lot of money, am I right?

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