Italy Jersey 2018 Home Away and Third Kits Qualification Russia World Cup

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Italy Soccer Jersey
Italy Soccer Jersey

Italy Jersey 2018, There is something fresh in Italy jersey 2018 as you can see the “V’ solar that is designed together with the blue shirt inside the jersey. The design for this jersey looks new and young. The design looks simple yet very attractive. It has been announced that Italy team will collaborate with Puma this in producing the new jersey look. This probably goes to the future as well. The blue combination fabric with stripe pattern material that emerges in the sides of the jersey makes it looks unique.

New Italy Jersey World Cup 2018

Just for the jersey that is used for Italy world cup qualifiers, the next match will use the similar uniform. Even though the colors of Italy stand for red, white, and green, the official jersey may not use any color of it except the white color. Instead of using the bright and cheerful color, it seems that the company will prefer to use the save white color that can look properly beautiful with any color. As for combination, the stripped blue color makes it looks special.

The logo for the country of Italy jersey 2018 looks stands out in the middle of the front chest design. On the shoulder, there is a line with golden colors that makes it looks gold and elegant. If you take a look closely there are a unique pattern that has been designed into the jersey body. This supports the body players to feel more comfortable while running and walking. The movement will be easier and comfortable. As for the design, it makes the styles becomes even cooler.

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Even though the first model for jersey tends to use white dominant color, the second jersey may use the opponent of blue color. As you know, the jersey that is used for home and away match usually is different. If the white jersey is used for the home match then the bright blue color may use for the away match. The World cup in Italy may use these both of jersey style. If the white jersey puts the main Italy logo in the middle of the front then the blue one arrange the logo in the left side. As an addition, the color for the short will be blue for the white jersey and white for the blue jersey.

The style for the blue jersey of Italy jersey 2018 is also different as well. The wavy line is still arranged there. However, there are stripped lines in all over the jersey that makes the design looks more masculine. The different style for jersey looks stand out in its way. Fans can choose what kind of jersey they want to have. As an addition, the new technology of microcapsules that Puma has been developed for the jersey will make another plus point that will make you fall in love with this jersey.

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