Juventus Jersey 2017-2018 Home And Away Kits Released

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Juventus Jersey
Juventus Jersey 2018

Juventus Jersey 2017/2018 Home And Away Kits Released– For Juventini or the fanatic supporters of Juventus, waiting for the releasing of the newest jersey of their lovely club will be one of the most interesting things. Yes, by having the newest jersey of the lovely club, I am sure that the supporters could express their love and care. Here, after some researchers, we will share the leaked option of the Juventus jersey 2018, which maybe will please you, as the supporter. Here, the details of it.

Juventus Jersey 2017/18 Release For Home And Away Kits:

Juventus Home Jersey
Juventus Home Jersey 2018
Juventus Home Jersey
Juventus Home Jersey 2017/2018

Juventus Home Jersey Kit
Juventus is the Italian football club, which is famous for its black and white as the color combination. For the leaked first Juventus jersey, black and white still become the major color. The jersey will still keep the stripes style. A significant change of the jersey is about the logo. The newestJerseyy uses J style, as it is released in sometimes ago. Then, another change occurs in the behind part of the block black as the color of the jersey.

The first jersey looks very sleek with the quite simple detail in its front. As the previous jersey, the new Juventus jersey 2018 still uses Jeep as the basic supporter there. It is combined with the Adidas logo on the right side and Juventus J logo on the left one. Above the logo, there are three golden stars, which deliver how much this could be won the Champions League. I am sure that it will be the stunning jersey to wait for the fanatic supporter.

Juventus Away Jersey 2018
Juventus Away Jersey 2018

Juventus jersey away kit concept
Then, what happens with the away jersey for Juventus? Well, for the away jersey, Juventus still uses the yellow as the basic color of it. The yellow Juventus jersey is great with the bright effect in its detail. I am sure that the yellow will deliver a different sense in wearing the jersey. Then, for the other detail, as the logo color and some letters in jersey surface, the management uses the light blue as the basic color. When we see the jersey in first glance, it has same detail with the old one but has a new concept in its logo.

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Juventus Third Jersey 2018
Juventus Third Jersey 2018

Juventus jersey Third kit concept
For the third jersey, Juventus choose a green color and there is a black line. This jersey design they use for 1940 until 1950 years. For logo being in left.

Well, the detail of the Juventus jersey 2018 as above is still unofficial. We still wait for the official release date of it. Please collect some different information from some sources. We also still wait how the third jersey of Juventus will be.

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