Leeds United FC Fixtures and Results

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Leeds United FC Fixtures and Results
Leeds United FC Fixtures and Results

Leeds United FC Fixtures and Results – Leeds United is one of the professional football association clubs in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. The Club is one of the successful football associations in England although in this season the team does not compete in EPL. The club has a good history so that to know the Leeds Fixtures and watching the game style of the team will be interesting to see. This club has won some titles in English league including FA Cup and League cup. In European Cup Final, the club has failed to win because it was defeated by Bayern Munchen.

Although the team is not the biggest team in England, the club has a good history in the English football club because this club has won some trophies. Because of that, Fixture of Leeds United will be interesting to be known. Moreover, the team also gives some potential player who is the legend in the English Football Club. You may know Cantona and Rio Ferdinand. Both of them are Manchester United FC Top Player that comes from Leeds United. Therefore, the team has a good history to get the potential player.

The kits of this club are in all-white. These kits cause the club has the nickname “the whites”. The team has been formed in 1904. Moreover, the club is elected to the League member in the next year in 1905. The early year of this club is good enough because the club consolidated into Second Division and in 1924 the club won the title and it promoted to the first division. The Leeds Fixtures is full so that they were relegated to the season of 1926 – 1927.

The team had a good season in 1988 – 1996 and this is one of the best histories from them because the football club avoided relegation in this period. After the club signed the top player from Manchester United. He helped the club win the second division and make the club promote into the first division. The fixture of Leeds United was impressive under O’Leary and his Assistant Eddie Gray where the club never finishes outside the tops five in the Premier League and secure the qualification both UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Leeds United FC Schedule and Results:

Leeds United FC Schedule (UTC+1)

However, Leeds United get financial implosion in 2001- 2007 that make the club getting relegation. In this era, the top player signed for Manchester United who is now becoming the Legend. With the History of the team, the Leeds Fixtures will be interested to see. The team is famous for aggressive play game so that it will be impressive.

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