Manchester United Schedule Fixtures and Results

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Manchester United Schedule
Manchester United Schedule

Manchester United Schedule – Talking about England premier league, of course, we will see Manchester United as the one of the biggest club there. Yes, Manchester United is one of the big clubs in England, which has the long history. Besides, this club also collects many kinds of trophies in their rack. However, after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United is still difficult to find the stable team organization. After some Manchester United Fixtures, now this team still stays in the sixth place in table competition with 49 points.

The magic of Ibrahimovic, in this competition season, Manchester United fans cannot deny the power of Ibrahimovic in every match. Yes, this great old player finds their joy in joining Manchester United. Ibrahimovic collects many goals, which show that they are still on fire. When this club met St. Etienne in last week in UEFA Europe League, Ibrahimovic creates a crucial goal, which brings Manchester United continue their participation in this competition. Last night, they met Rostov and got the draw score. It is not bad for Manchester United because they will do the second leg of the completion in Old Trafford.

The stable performance in several matches, after seeing some matches in Manchester United Fixtures, we could see that actually, this team is going to be stable. They win some matches and never be defeated by the other club. About the position in the Premier League, actually, they have hard ways when they want to be the top in the table because Chelsea is too powerful with their points. The league itself still has around some weeks to go. The most realistic target of Manchester United is being participation in Champions League next year.

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Then, how about the next matches of Manchester United Fixtures? Well, this club should suffer to keep their position. In some matches to go, they will meet some the big club in EPL. After it, they will fight against in Europe League. This club should win or minimally draw when they want to continue in the next session of the competition. If you want to know Manchester United Schedule and results, you can look this table.

Manchester United Schedule Fixtures and Results:

Manchester United Results

Manchester United schedule in above can change whenever, change this schedule usually cause season extreme or other. And all schedule in time zone UTC+1.

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