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Mexico National Football Team Roster
Mexico Soccer Team Roster

Mexico Soccer Team Roster Players – We all know that Mexico has never won the World Cup and also Copa of America. However, Mexico national football team has always talented players in every era. However, it does not mean that they do not have a big respect for other countries especially American countries. Based on their history, Mexico had some good achievements. Therefore, it will be very interesting to discuss their history completely.

About Mexico National Football Team
The national football team of Mexico is well known as Los Tricolores or El Tri because they represent 3 different colors: green, white and red. Their football association is named Mexico Football Federation. Their official football stadium is Estadio Azteca. The FIFA code is MEX. For the home jersey, the dominant color is green. The second jersey has white color and the third choice has black color.

The History of Mexico National Football Team
Based on the Mexico national football team history, they were created at the first time by the group of European immigrant 20th century especially the miners from Cornwall, England, and people who came away from the Spain civil war. Their first match played is against Guatemala where they won with the score of 3-2. Of course, it became a good start for them.

Mexico in the World Cup
In the World cup, Mexico national football team was not too impressive. They have not reached the semifinal. The best achievement is to reach the quarter-final twice in 1970 and 1986. Even more, they have also never been forbidden to join the World Cup in 1990. Based on the status, Mexico has never been the favorite. They only became the dark horse.

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Mexico in Other Competitions
Mexico had some good achievement but they were not in international level. Mexico national football team achievements were best gotten in the Gold Cup where they won it 6 times in 1993, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2009 and 2011. In the Copa of America, the best achievement is to reach the runner-up in 1993. In the Confederation Cup, they have ever won it once in 1999. Unfortunately, they are not qualified for this year.

Mexico National Football Team Top Scorer
When talking about Mexican football player, almost all people think about Javier Hernandez or also well known as Chicharito. In fact, he is one of the most talented football players from Mexico right now. Did you know that he also became the top scorer for the national team? A few months ago, Mexico lost against Croatia. However, he scored one goal. That goal brought him to be the top of the national team with 47 goals in 91 matches. Because he still becomes an active player, this goal may still increase. Look this table for Mexico Roster Players 2018.

Mexico National Football Team Roster 2018:

Name Club Birthdate
Guillermo Ochoa Málaga CF 13/07/1985
José Corona Cruz Azul 26/01/1981
Hugo González CF Monterrey 01/08/1990
Moisés Muñoz Puebla FC 01/02/1980
Rodolfo Cota Deportivo Guadalajara 03/07/1987
Miguel Fraga Atlas Guadalajara 03/09/1987
Alfredo Talavera Deportivo Toluca 18/09/1982
Oswaldo Alanís Deportivo Guadalajara 18/03/1989
Miguel Layún FC Porto 25/06/1988
Raúl López CF Pachuca 23/02/1993
Hedgardo Marín Deportivo Guadalajara 21/02/1993
Rafael Márquez Atlas Guadalajara 13/02/1979
Néstor Araujo Santos Laguna 29/08/1991
Hugo Ayala UANL Tigres 31/03/1987
Jesús Molina CF Monterrey 29/03/1988
César Montes CF Monterrey 24/02/1997
Héctor Moreno AS Roma 17/01/1988
Luis Reyes Atlas Guadalajara 03/04/1991
Luis Rodríguez UANL Tigres 21/01/1991
Carlos Salcedo Eintracht Frankfurt 29/09/1993
Jorge Torres UANL Tigres 16/01/1988
Jair Pereira Deportivo Guadalajara 07/07/1986
Diego Reyes FC Porto 19/09/1992
Carlos Vargas CF América 14/02/1999
Jonathan dos Santos Villarreal CF 26/04/1990
Jesús Dueñas UANL Tigres 16/03/1989
Edson Álvarez CF América 24/10/1997
Javier Aquino UANL Tigres 11/02/1990
Marco Fabián Eintracht Frankfurt 21/07/1989
Jesús Gallardo Pumas UNAM 15/08/1994
Héctor Herrera FC Porto 19/04/1990
Jesús Isijara Club Necaxa 26/09/1989
Luis Montes Club León 15/05/1986
Andrés Guardado PSV Eindhoven 28/09/1986
Jorge Hernández CF Pachuca 10/06/1989
Rodolfo Pizarro Deportivo Guadalajara 15/02/1994
Javier Salas Atlas Guadalajara 20/08/1993
Ángel Zaldívar Deportivo Guadalajara 08/02/1994
Jürgen Damm UANL Tigres 07/11/1992
Giovani dos Santos Los Angeles Galaxy 11/05/1989
Martín Barragán Club Necaxa 14/07/1991
Jesús Corona FC Porto 06/01/1993
Erick Gutiérrez CF Pachuca 15/06/1995
Elías Hernández Club León 29/04/1988
Hirving Lozano PSV Eindhoven 30/07/1995
Oribe Peralta CF América 12/01/1984
Javier Hernández Bayer Leverkusen 01/06/1988
Raúl Jiménez SL Benfica 05/05/1991
Orbelín Pineda Deportivo Guadalajara 24/03/1996
Alan Pulido 08/03/1991
Carlos Vela Real Sociedad 01/03/1989
Ángel Sepúlveda Monarcas Morelia 15/02/1991
Mexico Coach Soccer
Juan Carlos Osorio 08/06/1961

Mexico National Football Team Best Legends

Talking about legends, Hugo Sanchez still became the best for Mexico in the era of 1980s to 1990s. Besides, there was also Rafael Marquez. Cuauhtemoc Blanco should also be included to the best legends of Mexico national football team.

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