10 Most Expensive Club Transfers in Football History 2017/2018

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Most Expensive Club Transfers
Most Expensive Club Transfers

10 Most Expensive Club Transfers in Football History – Today, football is not a pure game. It cannot be separated from business. There are many football clubs that want to spend much money just for buying a football star. Even more, the price sounds not reasonable. So, it is very interesting to know 10 most expensive club transfers in the world. Some of them can meet the expectation but some others are not satisfying.

The Most Expensive Football Transfers Players In The World:

1. Neymar Jr.
In this transfer window, Paris Saint Germain or also well known as PSG has just broken the record of most valuable club transfer. This breaking record sounds not reasonable because € 222 million just for a football player is really unbelievable. Now, he must be able to prove that he is worth it by bringing PSG to win the Champions League next season.

2. Paul Pogba
A year ago, Manchester United bought Paul Pogba from Juventus at € 105 million on 9th of August, 2016. It is also considered as overrated price because this midfielder has not proven anything for either Juventus or French. Now, he still needs to prove that his price is reasonable to belong to 10 most expensive club transfer records.

3. Gareth Bale
3 years before Paul Pogba became the most expensive player, Real Madrid broke the transfer record by buying Gareth Bale from Tottenham at € 101 million. It also belongs to 10 most expensive club transfers.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo
In 2009, Real Madrid made a great transfer by buying Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United. The price was € 94 million. He has proven by bringing Real Madrid to win the Champions League 3 times.

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5. Gonzalo Higuain
In 2016, Juventus made a great decision when they bought Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli at € 90 million. It also belongs to 10 most expensive football club transfers.

6. Neymar Jr.
Before breaking the transfer record, Neymar was bought by Barcelona from Santos. The price of € 86.2 is the 6th most expensive transfer so far.

7. Romelu Lukaku
In this year, Manchester United made a great purchase by buying Romelu Lukaku from Everton at € 85 million. It becomes the 7th most expensive club transfer. See: Manchester United Players Salary

8. Luiz Suarez
The next highest club transfer is when Barcelona bought Luiz Suarez from Liverpool with a deal of € 81 million in 2014.

9. James Rodrigues
In 2014, Real Madrid also made a big purchase by buying James Rodriguez from AS Monaco at € 75 million. Unfortunately, he is now loaned to Bayern Munich with buying option.

10. Angel Di Maria
Actually, the price of Angel Di Maria when he was bought by Manchester United from Real Madrid is same with the price of James Rodriguez.

That is all 10 most expensive club transfers. Actually, there is still one more player that has the same price with James Rodriguez and Angel Di Maria. He is Zinedine Zidane. He was bought by Real Madrid from Juventus in 2001. It became a record for many years before Real Madrid broke this record by buying Cristiano Ronaldo.

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