5 Most Successful English Clubs in History of Football World Based on Their Achievements

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Most successful English clubs in history
Most successful English clubs in history

Footballplayerpro.com – As you might have known, there are many football clubs in the world. Even among the successful clubs, there are the most successful ones that worth to talk about. We can go more specific here. There are 5 most successful English clubs in the history of the football world. They sit on top of all clubs within the country because of overall achievements that they have gained so far. Let’s see here.

5 Most Successful English Premier League Clubs in History:

1. Manchester United
To begin with, Manchester United has been dominating football in England for the last two decades with 13 league titles, 2 Champions League, and other crowns. It then overtakes Liverpool by winning 2016 FA Cup, League Cup, and Europe League in 2017, making it the most successful team in English football. By now, this team has won up to 42 titles that consist of 12 FA Cups, 20 League titles, 3 Champions League, 5 League cups, 1 FIFA Club World cups and 1 Europe League.

2. Liverpool
Well, even though it is currently overtaken by Manchester, it does not mean that Liverpool couldn’t make it into the top 5 of the most successful English football teams. Back in the 1980s, this team was untouchable by winning a great number of trophies. However, it has earned many of them by now, even if it sits in the second place. There are 4 titles in total that consist of 18 League titles, 8 League cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 7 FA Cups and also 5 European Cups. We can expect no less from it.

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3. Arsenal
Sitting in the third place of the most successful English clubs in history, there is Arsenal. Founded in 1886 and owned by Arsenal Holdings plc, this team has its base precisely in London, Highbury. Even though it is not as close to even Liverpool, this team has earned for themselves up to 30 titles so far. They include 2 UEFA Cups, 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and 2 League cups. These achievements are enough to place this team to sit as the top three with Manchester and Liverpool.

4. Chelsea
It is English clubs we are talking about here. You must have known for sure that Chelsea can take important place when it comes to the most successful clubs in English football. Why not? By now, the team has earned as much as 22 titles, making it the fourth most successful right after Arsenal. Those titles are 3 UEFA Cups, 5 League cups, 1 European title, 6 League titles, and 7 FA Cups. Founded in 1905, it sure has worked hard to get such achievement up to this point.

5. Aston Villa
This is the last most successful club in the top 5 of English football history. Not too far apart from Chelsea, this team has achieved as much as 20 titles. They include 1 European title, 7 FA Cups, 5 League cups, and also 7 League. As one of the most successful English clubs in history, Aston Villa is not to be underestimated, despite being founded 4 years earlier than the Manchester United above.

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