Portugal Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits for the Russian World Cup

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Portugal Jersey
Portugal Jersey

Portugal Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits – It is interesting to wait for the releasing of the newest jersey of Portugal to welcome the Russian World Cup next year. I am sure that the Ronaldo effect still becomes the big intention of the fans of Portugal, which will make the fans want to get the jersey of their nation soon. Here, after some researches, we will deliver the leaked version of Portugal Jersey 2018 to answer your curiosity. Check the detail concept of the jersey below.

Portugal Jersey Home and Away 2018 Kits for the Russian World Cup:

Portugal Home Jersey
Portugal Home Jersey 2018

Portugal Soccer Jersey 2018 home kit
Portugal is identic with red as the basic color of the home jersey. In the new Portugal Jersey, red will still be the basic color of it. The red will be the major color with the darker red in the shoulder space. I am sure that the red will symbolize the power and offensiveness of this football team to win every match they will have. Nike still becomes the major sponsor there and the old logo of Nike is placed on the right side of the jersey.

Then, the great logo of Portugal football nation is placed on the left side. The Portugal logo looks strong and great there. Another good thing in the detail of Portugal Jersey 2018 is the use of the dark green strip on the side of the jersey and behind upper part. The strips are simple but the combination of dark green and red symbolize the Portugal’s sense. We all know that the flag of Portugal also uses red and dark green on its color.

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Portugal Away Jersey
Portugal Away Jersey 2018

Portugal Soccer Jersey 2018 away kit
Then, how about the away jersey of this national football team? Well, when the home jersey uses the red as the basic color, the away jersey adapts the brighter basic color. The major color of the away option of Portugal Jersey is the turquoise blue. This bright color is elegant and it will make the jersey looks very elegant. For the combination, the jersey applies the darker blue color with the translucent motif in its shoulders. Then, the patch of the jersey is same with the home option.

Well, with the detail version of the Portugal Jersey 2018, I am sure that the fans will be happy in getting it next year. However, the detail of the jersey is still unofficial. However, we expect that the official jersey will be same with this option. Just wait and see the official release date from the management.

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