Portugal National Football Team Roster Players Squad 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

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Portugal National Football Team
Portugal National Football Team

Portugal National Football Team Roster Players Squad 2018 – In football, Portugal may not be as big as Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, or other big teams. However, they are still considered as one of the best in the Europe or even the world. In the past, Portugal national football team had some good players even though they have ever won the World Cup. Anyway, it will be better to know about their history from the lowest to the top when they won the latest EURO Cup in 2016.

About Portugal National Football Team
In football, Portugal is called as Selaccao das Quinas or also well known as Selecao. Portugal national football team association is named Portugal Football Federation. Their home jersey has red color whereas the away jersey has blue or green color. As one of the best teams in the world, Portugal has some achievements.

Portugal Achievements in the World Cup
Talking about Portugal national football team achievements, the best achievement in the World Cup is only to reach the third place in 1966. In 2006, they almost reached the same achievement but only reached the semifinal and got the 4th rank. Even though they have never won the World Cup, they always become one of the most favorite teams in every competition they join.

Portugal Won the EURO Cup
The best achievement got by Portugal national football team is in the EURO Cup 2016 because they won it. In the final, they won against French. Even though French is more favorable, Portugal finally won the game and got the first ever title of EURO Cup. Of course, it will be difficult for them to repeat this achievement because there are many other countries with better quality of the national team.

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The Worst Time of Portugal National Football Team
Talking about Portugal national football team history, maybe there are many people who know about this team in the past time. In fact, they only became a mediocre team in the 1930s to 1970s. In that time, they were often beaten with big scores. For example, in the World Cup 1934, they lose against Spain with the score of 9-0. The worst loss happened in 1974 where they lose against England with the score of 10-0. However, after that, they came up and increased their level. Now, people may forget that worst time especially after they successfully won the EURO Cup 2 years ago.

Portugal National Football Team Roster 2017/2018:

Name Birthdate Club
Anthony Lopes 01/10/1990 Olympique Lyon
José Sá 17/01/1993 FC Porto
Marafona 28/05/1987 Sporting Braga
Beto 01/05/1982 Sporting CP
Bruno Varela 04/11/1994 Vitória Setúbal
Rui Patrício 15/02/1988 Sporting CP
Cédric Soares 31/08/1991 Southampton FC
Eliseu 01/10/1983 SL Benfica
Bruno Alves 27/11/1981 Cagliari Calcio
João Cancelo 27/05/1994 Valencia CF
José Fonte 22/12/1983 West Ham United
Pepe 26/02/1983 Real Madrid
Raphaël Guerreiro 22/12/1993 Borussia Dortmund
Nélson Semedo 16/11/1993 SL Benfica
Neto 26/05/1988 Zenit St. Petersburg
Bernardo Silva 10/08/1994 AS Monaco
Danilo 09/09/1991 FC Porto
João Moutinho 08/09/1986 AS Monaco
Renato Sanches 18/08/1997 Bayern München
Adrien Silva 15/03/1989 Sporting CP
André Gomes 30/07/1993 FC Barcelona
Gelson Martins 11/05/1995 Sporting CP
João Mário 19/01/1993 Inter
William Carvalho 07/04/1992 Sporting CP
Éder 22/12/1987 Lille OSC
Nani 17/11/1986 Valencia CF
Pizzi 06/10/1989 SL Benfica
André Silva 06/11/1995 FC Porto
Cristiano Ronaldo 05/02/1985 Real Madrid
Ricardo Quaresma 26/09/1983 Beşiktaş
Fernando Santos 10/10/1954

Biggest Portugal National Football Team Legends
When talking about Portugal legends, today’s people may think about Cristiano Ronaldo. However, they have ever had some big legends. You can remember when they had Luis Figo, Deco, Ricardo Carvalho, Pauleta, Manuel Rui Costa, Paulo Sousa and Nuno Gomez. Unfortunately, Portugal failed to win the championship at the European level or even international level with those great legends.

Today, Portugal still has some good players. In the next World Cup, of course, they will be one of the favorites. Anyway, Portugal national football team has a good history that should be known and remembered.

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