Spain Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits Leaked for Russia World Cup

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Spain Jersey
Spain home Jersey

Spain Jersey home and away leaked for Russia World Cup 2018, Spain is known as the one of the major nation of football competition. We all know that in several years, this football team became one of the best team in the world. They have become the winner of the previous World Cup and they will face the upcoming World Cup in Russia gently. It is interesting to discuss the newest Spain Jersey 2018, especially for their fans. Here, we will talk about the leaked option of the Jersey.

Spain Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits Leaked:

Spain Home Jersey 2018 leaked
The jersey of this national football team is great with the combination of red and yellow in its color. The same colors scheme will still become the option for the management. The new home Spain Jersey applies the red as the basic color of it. The red symbolizes a bravery of Spain team in facing their enemies in every match. The surface of the jersey is nice with its triangle graphic print there.

Besides the great look of the reddish jersey with the triangle motif, the home option of the Spain Jersey 2018 is also great with the simple detail of it. The appearance of the jersey is quite sleek with the adding of old Adidas logo in right chest and great Spain logo with its one-star in the left chest. The jersey is also cool with the Adidas’ stripes on the side of a jersey with its yellow color. Then, climb cool becomes the basic material of it.

Spain Away Jersey
Spain Away Jersey qualifier world cup 2018

Spain Away Jersey 2018 (qualifier world cup 2018)
For the away option of the Spain Jersey, the management applies the white as the basic color. The white is kind of a great color, which will provide the purity and cool look. The white as the major color delivers a stunning look. The white color of the jersey is combined with red and yellow. Actually, the away jersey has the same detail with the home option but the red colors the side stripes now.

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The sleek detail of the Spain Jersey 2018 will be the special matter to wait. However, we inform that the detail jersey of the Spain as above is still unofficial. There are still some possibilities when the management wants to change some parts of the Jersey. Please be patient in waiting for the official release date of the jersey. We also will try to renew the information as soon as possible.

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