Spain National Football Team Roster Players Squad 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Spain National Football Team Roster
Spain National Football Team Roster

Spain National Football Team Roster 2018 – All about Spain National Football Team History, Achievements, and Big Time. Now, Spain is considered as one of the best national football teams in the world. We all still remember where they won back to back EURO Cup and phenomenally won the World Cup a few years ago. However, did you know that Spain did not have any achievement before 2008? Of course, the change of Spain history has just started for a few years. So, it is very interesting to know more detailed about the history of Spain national football team.

The History of Spain National Football Team
Talking about Spain National Football team history, this national team was created in 1920. At that time, the coach was Vicente Del Bosque. This national team was created firstly to join the biggest sports party in the world, Olympiad, held in Antwerp Belgium. Officially, this national team played for the first time on August 28th in 1920 against Denmark. At that first game, Spain national football team won the game with the score of 1-0. Patrick Arabolaza was the player who scored that game. He used the number of 28.

Best Achievement before 2008
We can conclude that the best Spain national football team achievements start from 2008. So, what did Spain get before that? In the World Cup, Spain reached the quarter-final 4 times in 1934, 1986, 1994 and 2002. Spain was not qualified for the World Cup many times. Even more, they have ever quit the World Cup because of the civil war in 1938. In the EURO Cup, the best achievement before 2008 is to win the EURO Cup in 1964 but the next EURO Cup they were unfortunately not qualified.

Spain National Football Team Best Time
Before the EURO Cup in 2008, there are many people who predicted that Spain would be able to compete in the EURO Cup farther than before because they had so many football player stars. Their predictions come true even better because Spain won the EURO Cup in 2008. The best time of Spain national team continued in the World Cup in 2010. With the same players, they won the World Cup and got the first rank in FIFA. The best time of Spain national team did not stop there. In the EURO Cup in 2012, they once again won it to create a great history of back to back a winner.

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About Spain National Football Team
The national football team of Spain has some nicknames. The most popular one is La Furia Roja which means the Red Anger. They are also well known as La Furia which means the Anger. Many countries also call them as La Furia Espanola which means the Spain Anger. Another nickname is La Roja which means the Anger. They have an association named Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol or being abbreviated as RFEF. In FIFA, they have a code of ESP. If you want to know Spain Soccer squad for FIFA World Cup qualification, look this table.

Spain National Football Team Roster 2018 World Cup:

Name Birthday Club
De Gea 07/11/1990 Man United
Pepe Reina 31/08/1982 SSC Napoli
Adrián 03/01/1987 West Ham United
Sergio Rico 01/09/1993 Sevilla FC
Asenjo 28/06/1989 Villarreal CF
Kepa 03/10/1994 Athletic Bilbao
Sergio Ramos 30/03/1986 Real Madrid
Nacho 18/01/1990 Real Madrid
Nacho Monreal 26/02/1986 Arsenal FC
Piqué 02/02/1987 FC Barcelona
Dani Carvajal 11/01/1992 Real Madrid
Azpilicueta 28/08/1989 Chelsea FC
Bartra 15/01/1991  Dortmund
Javi Martínez 02/09/1988 Bayern München
Jordi Alba 21/03/1989 FC Barcelona
Escudero 02/09/1989 Sevilla FC
Iñigo Martínez 17/05/1991 Real Sociedad
Sergi Roberto 07/02/1992 FC Barcelona
Marco Asensio 21/06/1996 Real Madrid
Isco 21/04/1992 Real Madrid
Lucas Vázquez 01/07/1991 Real Madrid
Ander Herrera 14/08/1989 Man United
Busquets 16/07/1988 FC Barcelona
David Silva 08/01/1986 Manchester City
Mata 28/04/1988 Man United
Saúl 21/11/1994 Atlético Madrid
Thiago 11/04/1991 Bayern München
Illarra 08/03/1990 Real Sociedad
Iniesta 11/05/1984 FC Barcelona
Koke 08/01/1992 Atlético Madrid
Morata 23/10/1992 Real Madrid
Diego Costa 07/10/1988 Chelsea FC
Pedro 28/07/1987 Chelsea FC
José Callejón 11/02/1987 SSC Napoli
Vitolo 02/11/1989 Sevilla FC
Aduriz 11/02/1981 Athletic Bilbao
Deulofeu 13/03/1994 AC Milan
Iago Aspas 01/08/1987 Celta Vigo
Nolito 15/10/1986 Manchester City
Paco Alcácer 30/08/1993 FC Barcelona
Lopetegui 28/08/1966

Now, Spain national football team still has a big respect for other national teams even though they did not win the World Cup in 2014 and EURO Cup in 2016. In the next 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia, they still become one of the favorites to win it.

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