The Highest Football Player Salary In Serie A Italia 2017/2018

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Serie A Highest Football Player Salary 2017

The Highest Football Player Salary In Serie A 2017/2018,  Italy is not only famous of its yummy culinary, but it is also famous of its sports attraction. Its Serie A league is considered as the world-class football league that worth to watch and follow. Therefore anything in relation with the league is worth talking. One of them is about the players who receive high salary. We are going to see five players who personally receive the high payment for the club.

Starting with the legend Gianluigi Buffon. This 37 years old buddy is the key person behind so many Juventus victories. It makes the old lady won the scudetto for six times during his time in the camp. He is paid for £4 million. The next one is still coming from the same club, The Old Lady, a.k.a Juventus; Paul Pogba. This most highly-rated player stands at number four with the salary £4,5 million from Juventus. The next level is coming from AS Roma, Edin Dzeko. He is still a loan from the red devils, Manchester United. However, Edin Dzeko receives £4,5 million for his salary. Roma just hired him this summer on loan with some clause that leads to a permanent deal next year.

The next player is Gonzalo Higuain. Since 2013 Higuain arrived in Napoli after he played for real Madrid. This 27-year-old buddy already scored more than a goal per two games. This record makes the club happily pays him £5,5 million. He proves that he is a valuable asset for the club. Moreover, he still has enough time (three years to continue the good work).

The top Player with the highest salary is Daniele De Rossi. Playing as a sweeper in AS Roma De Rossi earns £6,5 million from the club. The change on the AS Roma board and their American takeover make them has good capital resources.

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