USA Soccer Jersey 2018 Home Away and Third Kits For Russia World Cup

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USA Soccer Jersey
USA Soccer Jersey

Team USA Soccer Jersey 2018 Home, Away and Third option for World Cup – Soccer becomes one of the favorite sports in the USA now. We all know that the MLS league now becomes more famous than before by the arriving of some excellent football players there. We could mention some players in that league, such as David Villa now, Henry and Beckham in several years ago. The development of MLS league makes the societies love their nation more and want to get the USA Jersey 2018. Well, we will show you the leaked option of that jersey below.

Team USA Soccer Jersey 2018 Home Away and Third Kits For Russia World Cup:

USA Soccer Jersey 2018 home leaked
In several days before, the leaked option of the home USA Jersey was published. How about the detail of it? Well, for the home jersey, white becomes the major color. It covers the front side with the strip translucent motif. The nice home jersey is increased with the simple Nike and USA logo in the chest. Then, there is red stars motif in the sleeve, which becomes the symbol of USA.


USA Jersey away 2018 leaked
Well, for the away option, USA has a red color in their jersey. The red is one of the special colors, which will show the bravery of this nation, especially when they want to run the competition well. For the concept of the away jersey actually, it has the same detail with the home option. Stripes translucent motif occurs in the front of the jersey and there are also logos in the same place with white color. The significant difference in this USA Jersey 2018 occurs in the sleeve by the darker red as color with blue stars in the motif.

Team USA Soccer Jersey 2018 third kits
The management makes the third option of the USA Jersey with the dark gray color. Some people don’t like this jersey but we think it is cold. The combination of the dark color in jersey with white in logos is good to make an elegant look. The sleeve of this jersey uses the lighter gray as color and there is still stars motif with the dark gray color.

USA Away Jersey
USA Away Jersey Russia World Cup 2018
USA Away Jersey 2018
USA Away Jersey 2018

Well, based on the explanation above, we could see three options of the USA Soccer Jersey 2018, which will be used in Russian World Cup next year. However, those options are still unofficial. It just our expectation and preview from the previous jersey. We will try to keep the information updated as soon as possible.

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