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Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney Salary Per Week, Talking about Wayne Rooney salary, we are talking about a lot of money. The Manchester United number 10 is one of the best players in the world. England forward is a complete player. He can attack, kick, head, and in some case, he can even defend, although he is not a defender. The complete player earns a lot of money. The report says that he earns £150,000-a-week. Wow..!!

As a professional football player, Rooney is, of course, paid for playing football. So, he is getting paid for only running on the pitch for 2×90 minutes maximum in a week? Besides, the club always keeps him healthy and gives him bonuses every time the club wins. Worth it?

Wayne Rooney Salary Per Week 2018:

Wayne Rooney gets a lot of money from the club, but he actually gets more. As a famous player, sponsorship and endorsement offers come from anywhere. He earns more than six million Euros every year from sponsorship and endorsements. He may still have a chance to earn more money from occasional events and winning awards. Being invited to national/international TV talk show, of course, make him earn more money. Imagine if you have that amount of salary per week is £250,000.. what would you do?

Earning more than 20 million euros in a year might be a problem for me. I may need to think what should I do with that money? Doing nothing and live a normal life in my country only requires 10 euros per day, could be less. I may enjoy my life for 2 million days for the rest of my life without jobs. Hahaha.. what about you?

Rooney has a car collection of 19. All of them are exotic cars. He has BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari, almost any exotic cars logos exist in his garage. He loves driving those expensive cars to work.

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