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Arjen Robben Profile

Arjen Robben age and profile biography – Talking about Arjen Robben age and biography, I can’t say that he is young. If I may describe this Netherlands International player, I would say ”Arjen Robben, looks like 40, runs like 20, and he is 30.” Arjen Robben is known for the speed, mobility, and the selfishness. He is a winger. Usually, he plays on the right wing, although he is a left-footed player. With his speed, he can dribble the ball forward, suddenly turn to the center and shot.

It is a typical Robben style, almost all football fans know that. Opponent players know that too, for sure. If the opposing players know that, they should be able to predict where Robben is going to be. They should know which area to cover. They do, they cover the empty space where the winger can be. They also know Arjen Robben’s typical zigzag movement. They cover Robben, sometimes two or more players are on Robben’s way to the shooting point, but Robben still can make his way to the front of the goal.

Arjen Robben was born on January 23, 1984 in Bedum, Netherlands. He experienced youth football career in VV Bedum (1989-1996) and SC Groningen (1996-2000). Arjen Robben managed himself to play in the Gronigen’s first team in 2000. Until 2002, he played 34 games, scoring 10 goals with Groningen. PSV Eindhoven, a big club from the Netherlands interested to sign him. He helped PSV to be the Netherlands Champion in 2002-2003 season. Chelsea signed him in 2004. He got a lot of injuries with Chelsea. He only played 105 times for Chelsea, scored only 19 goals. in 2007, Real Madrid signed him a five year contract.

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The transfer fee was reportedly 24 million euros. He spent only two season with Real Madrid, played 65 games, scoring 13 goals. In 2009, his current club, Bayern Munchen signed him. He says that he feels comfortable in Munich. The club gives him the best, and he can give his best to the club.

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