Colombia Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits for Russian World Cup

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Colombia Jersey
Colombia Jersey

Colombia Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits – In several days before, the leaked picture of the new Colombia Jersey 2018 is published. Of course, it will be interesting news to be read, especially for the Colombian people, who wait for the newest jersey of their national football team. We all know that Colombia is one of the great team in South American. There are some best players in the world, such as James Rodriguez, the player of Real Madrid team. Then, what happen with the newest jersey of this national team? Let us see below.

Colombia Soccer Jersey 2018 Home and Away Kits:

Colombia Home Jersey 2018
Well, we will talk about the home option for the Colombia Jersey first. Here, we will see the classical design of the jersey with the sense of 1990’s. Inspired by the old class of the design of jersey, the management tries to remind the fans of the power of old Colombian football national team. Colombia is close with the use of yellow as the basic color of the home jersey and they still make it for the first choice.

Besides the yellow as the basic color of the home jersey, the interesting motif is applied to the front of the jersey. The home jersey applies the hexagonal graphic print there, which deliver a unique detail. The motif of the front jersey symbolizes how Colombian loves football much. Then, it applies the old logo of Adidas and national logo on the upper side. The home Colombia Jersey 2018 is completed with the blue Adidas stripes in the shoulder part for a greater look.

Colombia Away Jersey 2018
The different detail of the jersey occurs in the away option. Here, the away option of Colombia Jersey delivers the bright color by the use of white as the basic color of it. The white shows a purity, which make the jersey of the team, look more elegant. There is the same patch of the chest of the jersey by the logo of Adidas and Columbia football. The significant difference occurs in the stripes of Adidas, which are places on the side of the jersey, not the upper position.

Two choices of the Colombia Jersey 2018 as above could be the new inspiration when you want to know the newest concept of it. However, the concept of the jersey is still unofficial. Please be patient in waiting for the official release date, so you could show your nationality better!

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