Complete UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017

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UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

Complete UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017 – UEFA Champions League becomes one of the sources of money for many big clubs in Europe. So, which club got the highest money? We will see from the following UEFA Champions League prize money 2017 below.

1. Group A
In the group A, Juventus as the runner up of UCL last season got the highest earnings, not only among the 4 clubs in group A but also among all the contestants with € 89,100,000. Atletico de Madrid got € 43,723,000 whereas Olympiacos and Malmo earned € 26,253,000 and € 19,105,000.

2. Group B
UCL prize money 2017 in group B puts Real Madrid as the winner got € 52,545,000. Liverpool earned € 33,597,000, FC Basel got € 17,855,000 and Ludogores earned € 14,635,000.

3. Group C
In group C, AS Monaco earned the highest prize money with € 52,395,000. In the second position, Bayern Leverkusen got € 28,622,000. The third is Zenit with € 19,129,000 whereas the bottom position is Benfica with € 14,547,000.

4. Group D
UCL prize money in 2017 puts Arsenal at the top position with € 36,381,000. The second position is Dortmund with 33,497,000 whereas the others include Galatasaray with € 18,594,000 and Anderlecht with € 15,629,000.

5. Group E
In group E, there are 3 clubs with high prize money. They are AS Roma with € 45,918,000, Manchester City with € 45,852,000 and Bayern Munich with € 49,865,000. Another club is CSKA Moskva with € 18,213,000.

6. Group F
UEFA Champions League prize money 2017 in group F puts Barcelona at the top position because they earned € 61,027,000. At the second position, there is PSG that earned € 56,157,000. Ajax got € 13,708,000 at the third and APOEL FC got € 13,708,000 at the bottom.

7. Group G
In the group G, UEFA Champions League prize money in 2017 puts Chelsea in the highest position with € 39,230,000 followed by Schalke with € 28,916,000. At the third position, there is Sporting Clube de Portugal with € 14,518,000 and NK Maribor at the bottom with € 13,775,000.

8. Group H
In the last group, all of the clubs did not get much money. This was also considered as the most boring group because they do not belong to popular clubs. At the highest position, Porto earned € 27,363,000. Athletic Club earned € 23,461,000 at the second position. The third is Shakhtar Donetsk with € 20,046,000. Another club is FC BATE Borisov at the bottom and the lowest prize among all the contestants with only € 12,965,000.

That is all the statistics of UEFA Champions League prize money 2017 that you have to know. The prize money is from some aspects that include participation bonus, performance bonus, market pool, a round of 16, quarter finals, semifinals and final. Some clubs also earned prize money from playoffs such as Malmo FC, PFC Ludogores 1945, Football Club Zenit, Bayern 04 Leverkusen, Arsenal FC, APOEL FC, NK Maribor, FC Porto, FC BATE Borisov and Athletic Clubs.

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