Real Madrid VS Barcelona El Clasico Head To Head And Schedule 2018

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Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Real Madrid VS Barcelona El Clasico Schedule 2018 – Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the best teams in the world. Even more, they have been classic rivals for so long. That is why when they play against each other, the game is called as El Clasico which means a classic match. El Clasico is also considered as the best rivalry in the world even though they do not play a derby. So, based on El Clasico head to head, which one is better for them? Let’s see the statistics below.

Real Madrid VS Barcelona Head To Head:

1. El Clasico Head to Head in the Primera Division
Spain league is called as Primera Division. Every year, these 2 best Spain clubs play against each other to win the league. Based on the 5 matches of Real Madrid Vs Barcelona head to head, Barcelona was better because they won against Real Madrid 3 times whereas Real Madrid only won once. Another match ended with the equal score. Even though Barcelona was better in 5 last matches in Primera Division, Real Madrid successfully won the league in the last season.

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2. Barcelona vs Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey
Still, in the local competition, there is also Copa Del Rey. In 5 last matches they met, Real Madrid surpassed Barcelona where they won twice whereas Barcelona only won once and the 2 other matches ended equally. Even though Copa del Rey is not as interesting as Primera Division as the main local competition in Spain, this Real Madrid and Barcelona head to head result can show their own dominance in Spain.

3. El Clasico Head to Head in the Super Cup
Since 2011, Real Madrid played against Barcelona 4 times in the Super Cup. It is a competition in Spain between the winner of Primera Division and the winner of Copa del Rey. Based on the El Clasico head, Barcelona surpassed Real Madrid with 2 wins in 4 matches whereas Real Madrid only had one win and another game ended equally. So far, Barcelona was better than Real Madrid in the Super Cup.

4. El Clasico Head to Head in the UEFA Champions League
In 6 recent years, El Clasico only happened twice in the UCL in 2011. With those 2 matches of El Clasico, we can see the result of Real Madrid vs Barcelona comparison. As a result, the first match ended equally with the score of 1-1 whereas the second match is won by Barcelona with the score of 0-2. Many people want El Clasico to happen in the UCL but it is very rare to happen.

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5. El Clasico Head to Head in 10 Latest Matches of All Competitions
If we see the head to head in the 10 latest matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Barcelona successfully surpassed Real Madrid with 6 wins whereas Real Madrid only had 3 win. The remaining matches ended equally. Based on this El Clasico head to head, the statistic shows that Barcelona was better. However, El Clasico will always be difficult to predict.

Real Madrid VS Barcelona Schedule 2017/2018:

La Liga Spain:
20, Mei 2018 Barcelona vs Real Madrid

That is about Real Madrid vs Barcelona, this match very interest and make all supporter cannot leave their television. We will next match Clasico in Spain La Liga.

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